Mendoor is a captivating public speaker who tells his story of walking away from college,
a football scholarship, and academic success, to become a full-time drug dealer.

Now living in central Iowa, Mendoor lives by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King.
He is being the change he wishes to see in the world.




Mendoor was born in Waterloo, Iowa on March 26, 1973.

Mendoor was active in sports, excelled as one of the nation’s top quarterbacks in high school, and received a full ride scholarship to St. Ambrose University. Over his three years in college he maintained over a 3.2 cumulative GPA. His college peers were perplexed by his intelligence and how little studying he needed to excel academically. 

Then, he made a life altering decision to walk away from college to become a full-time drug dealer. 

With the highs and lows of drug dealing, Mendoor experienced a multitude of adventures, which culminated into a Federal drug case. He was sentenced to 151 months (12 years) for 36.1 grams of marijuana. Instead of being bitter, Mendoor vowed to change his life.

Mendoor began to study Constitutional Law and the United States Code. He was certified by Illinois Alcohol and Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association (IAODAPCA) as a Certified Addictions Associate Professional. He was the only person who passed the Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certification. Even though he was moved around in the Federal System, he continued to study at colleges like Colorado State and Illinois Central College. After being released, Mendoor went on to get his Bachelors at University of Northern Iowa. 

Mendoor has grown into what some have described as a raw, energetic, and captivating public speaker - speaking at many community events, churches, universities, and colleges.  From this, 'Mendoor Speaks' was birthed.  Mendoor travels all over, sharing a message that is guaranteed to be encouraging and inspiring through his unique way of delivery.

Mendoor describes his story as one of redemption and atonement, which is still being written.



Mr. Smith’s message was powerful and very much needed. He managed to captivate, as well as motivate. Mr. Smith represents a rising number of public motivators who seek to make atonement for past mistakes by helping others. Our clients were very fortunate to hear his message and story. Thank you Mr. Smith.
— Myquawn Bailey, Care Manager | Four Oaks Children & Family Services
Mendoor’s story is both informative and inspirational. It speaks to the systematic problems and inequalities in the criminal justice system. Yet, it also motivates students to be resilient in the face of hardship.
— Kenneth Reid, Assistant Director of the Diversity Center | Gustavus Adolphus College
I appreciate the way Mr. Smith helped me to see a diverse perspective. He offered a different way without inserting belittlement or insult to all that I have ever known in my perception of things. To me, that’s rare and special.
— Senior, Industrial Engineering Student | Perceptions, Biases, and Differences Workshop | Iowa State University
Mendoor was one of the highlights of the 2016 city wide youth conference. He not only captured the attention of the youth with his life story, but he also gave an excellent example of how God works in each one of us. Mendoor’s ability to capture the audience was evident by the claps and amens of the audience. Lastly, Mendoor speaks with great energy, passion, and wisdom of what it takes to be successful in life. Great job!
— DeShai Manning, Youth Director | Union Missionary Baptist Church Waterloo, Iowa


Are you looking to bring an unforgettable presentation for your office, educational setting, church, sports program or other group?  Mendoor has knowledge and insight and can capably speak on many topics such as leadership, diversity, owning your outcomes, doing your part, giving back, the root of the racial divide, public policy, academic excellence, youth development, understanding constitutional, as well as, criminal law, and the importance of advocating for prison and social reform.  Mendoor's words are powerful and his story is inspirational. 

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